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New York Speeding Tickets for Ontario Drivers Are a Growing Concern

New York Speeding Tickets and Ontario Drivers

Ontario drivers often choose New York State as either a destination or as a gateway to other places in the United States. As more Ontario drivers continue to use New York roads and highways, the instances of traffic tickets being issued also continue to increase.
In most cases, Ontario drivers make easy targets for cops who are patrolling the state because it is a simple fact that residents of Ontario are more likely to simply pay the fine without challenging it. The main reasons for this are minimal knowledge of the laws in the state as well as the increased level of inconvenience that comes with requesting a court date and showing up for a trial in New York. The cops know these factors and use them to their advantage when issuing tickets.
Many Ontario drivers falsely believe the myth that speeding tickets issued in New York do not need to be paid and will have no impact on a Canadian driving record. This is simply not true; any driving offense that occurs in New York will affect a Canadian driving record the same way it would if the offense was actually committed in Ontario. Driver information is shared freely despite the different jurisdiction and laws that govern each area.
When driving in New York, it is best to drive with the same caution as you would in Ontario. If for whatever reason you do get a speeding ticket in New York, it is important to take the steps necessary to deal with it effectively.

Why You Shouldn’t Just Pay the Fine

It can be tempting to simply pay the fine for a smaller speeding ticket that is obtained in New York. Lower speeding tickets (15 km/hour or less over the speed limit) that are obtained in New York will not result in demerit points on your Canadian license, but the conviction will be on your record for a period of three years.
Most people are aware how demerit points can be responsible for higher insurance premiums, but in many cases a conviction is just as bad. Many insurance companies check both demerit points and convictions when assessing insurance premiums for clients. This makes it vitally important for drivers to attempt to fight for the dismissal of every traffic ticket that will result in demerit points or negatively impact the driving record in any way.

Dealing with New York Speeding Tickets

The top traffic ticket fighters servicing Ontario drivers also provide the same range of paralegal services for drivers who are ticketed in New York State. These services include dealing with all types of moving violations as well as impaired driving, driving under suspension and many other types of serious charges that are incurred in the state of New York.
Choosing reputable and experienced professionals to handle your speeding ticket in New York ensures you have the best chance of successfully having your ticket completely dismissed while you remain in Ontario. New York speeding tickets for Ontario drivers are a growing concern. Discover the convenience and effectiveness of using experienced professionals to fight your New York speeding ticket today.
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